• Easy One Pot Shepherds Pie
    Cozy meals are the best part of the winter months, especially when you make this easy one-pot Shepherds Pie recipe! Okay, maybe there is a second pot involved for the mashed potatoes but still kind of a single-pot situation. My Mom used to make us … Read more
  • Rustic Mushroom Soup with Thyme
    Soup season has finally arrived and one of my favourite soups is this beautiful Rustic Mushroom and Thyme soup. If you are a mushroom lover, this soup is a must! Thyme is such an excellent herb to cook with, I definitely recommend growing it in … Read more
  • Peach with Thyme and Ginger Beer Tonic
    Is it just me or does Peach Season come and go so fast? Every year I plan to do all the peach things, but here we are at the very end of the summer season with a goodbye. So let’s enjoy it with this delicious … Read more
  • Nectarine Bruschetta with Brie, Lemon Thyme and Honey
    It’s Peach and always forgotten Nectarine Season! Poor Nectarine, never the star of the show…UNTIL NOW! Well, technically nectarines are a type of peach, they are just smoother, smaller and firmer. Nevertheless, they are all delicious and they make an AMAZING companion to Brie! I … Read more
  • Roasted Tomato Bruschetta with Ricotta
    There are so many good things about the summer and fresh in-season tomatoes are one of them! Roasting tomatoes is a great way to bring out more flavour, making this Bruschetta even more delicious. Roasting Tomatoes vs. Using Fresh Tomatoes If you know me, you … Read more