Hi There! 

My name is Zainab, and I am a home cook, baker and Food Photographer based out of Hamilton, Ontario.

The Slotted Spoons has become my creative outlet, it’s not just about the food for me, I love the photography and styling of the dish. I believe a dish that is pleasing to the eye tastes so much better!

I’ve become so passionate about Food Photography. The more I develop my skills and confidence, the more challenges I want to take on. I would love to take my skills to the next level to work and collaborate with brands, chefs and restaurants!

Besides Food Photography, am also very passionate about Gardening and living a Low-Waste Lifestyle. The hope for my Millennial Generation is we will get back to the humble ways of growing our own food and caring for the planet that gives us so much.

I love the idea of good food being accessible to anyone, and on The Slotted Spoons my goal is to make sure my recipes can be made by anyone. Just whole foods, good foods, accessible foods – of course I might experiment here and there.

Hope you enjoy my food and definitely find me @theslottedspoons on Instagram.

See you there!